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Download The 1st Psychology and Flourishing Humanity Template here

The process of reviewing articles on psychology and humanity 2022:

  1. The first step the author will send the manuscript to the website which is accepted by the editor in chief to determine whether it is accepted or rejected.
  2. The second step is when it has been accepted in the process of the editor section in collaboration with the reviewer to check the article and then there is a decision to reject and accept it.
  3. The third step is when the author’s manuscript is accepted, the next review process is carried out under the guidance of the editor section.
  4. The fourth step of the editor section is to copy the editor associated with the author until the writing is completed according to the direction of the editor and reviewer.
  5. The fifth process is that the section editor performs the layout to adjust the final layout. The sixth process is that the decision of the editor in chief is published in the proceedings or related journal.